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Residential and Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services in Houston


Upholstery Cleaning

At BMF Carpet Cleaning, we clean a lot more apart from your carpets. Our comprehensive upholstery cleaning services will add to the magnificence of the décor of your residential and commercial properties in Houston. Upholstery cleaning is the perfect way to put the personalized touch to your space, rendering it an improved sparkle.

Our technicians take careful steps to provide thorough upholstery cleaning for our customers in Houston, TX. We use the most advanced innovative upholstery cleaning machines that are designed to handle drapery, furniture,auto interior and almost all types of upholstery fabric.

Our upholstery cleaning process is as follows:

  • Vacuum: in order to remove hair and dust
  • Pre-treat: In order to break down soils and dirt from fabric
  • Steam clean and rinse the fabric
  • Extract the fabric several times in order to pick up as much moisture as possible and ensure that fabric dries quickly

Call us at (713) 972 – 5501 for a free estimate of upholstery cleaning services in Houston, TX.