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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services - Houston, TX

BMF Carpet Cleaning provides complete tile and grout cleaning services to the homes and business spaces in Houston, TX. If your tile looks a little dull and the grout line has accumulated dirt, our 6 step process will make it shine...give us a call today! We understand how difficult it can be to clean tile and grout. It’s quite a tough job but needs to be done in order to maintain the look and appearance of your property. Our technicians are happy to help you with this not-so-interesting task. We can help you keep your tiled areas look clean and shiny ever. 


Tile Cleaning Grout Cleaning


Our tile and grout cleaning can help maintain the tiled areas in your Houston based property. Our technicians provide services for bathroom floors, shelves, showers and tubs, kitchen countertops, shelves, and backsplashes, entryway and foyer floors, tile flooring in any part of the home, outdoor tile tabletops and seating areas, tile fireplaces, etc.

Our tile and grout cleaning process :

  • Examine for any cracked tile or grout
  • Pre-treat floor
  • Agitate tile and grout to remove dirt, oil and grime
  • Steam clean with the use of truck-mounted equipment
  • Rinse to ensure all dirt and grime has been extracted properly
  • Final inspection to ensure it all looks great

We recommend that you seal the grout after it has been cleaned in order to make it resistant to spills and stains. As a result, your floor will remain clean longer and it will be easier to clean in the future.

For more details about our tile and grout cleaning services in Houston, TX, feel free to call us at (713) 972 – 5501