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Carpet Cleaning Services In Houston, TX

Carpets are the most sought-after flooring option by most home and business owners. However, with the daily wear and tear, high foot traffic and improper maintenance, your carpet may gradually lose its shine. At BMF Carpet Cleaning, we can help to protect your valuable investment. Our comprehensive carpet cleaning services in Houston can restore the flawless appearance of your carpets.

Whether your carpet has stains, pet odor or you simply want a thorough carpet cleaning to prepare your home for a party, we can help. With our advanced cleaning methods and truck-mounted equipment, your carpets will always look spotless and your Houston based home will have an inviting feel. Being an IICRC certified carpet cleaning company, you can rest assured that our techniques will be safe for your loved ones, pets or even carpets.


Services We Offer In Houston:


Carpet Cleaning

We provide in-depth carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties in Houston. Our effective cleaning solutions and high powered equipment will extract dirt from the underlying layers of the carpet, leaving them absolutely fresh as well as shinier than before.


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Utilizing the hot water extraction method, we will remove all the stains, odors, allergens, pet dander as well as general signs of wear and tear from your carpet. Our Houston based technicians have a complete knowledge of the steam cleaning method and use it in the most efficient manner so that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned.


Rug Cleaning

BMF Carpet Cleaning provides cleaning services for all types of rugs, including antique, oriental, Persian, wool etc. We have extensive experience in cleaning heavily soiled rugs, while retaining the strength of its fibers and preventing color migration.


Floor Wax & Strip

Our floor wax and strip services can sparkle up the floors of your residential and commercial property in Houston. We use high quality strippers to remove dirt, stains and wax accumulation from your flooring.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

When you hire our tile and grout cleaning services in Houston, we will bring a complete transformation of the look of your flooring. We have expertise in cleaning bathroom floors, shelves, showers and tubs, kitchen countertops, entryway, foyer floors and other tiled surfaces at your home office.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians in Houston will inspect your dryer vent and clear out any clogs as well as fix damages to improve its functionality. Our dryer vent cleaning services will also ensure your safety by preventing fires.


Air Vent Cleaning

BMF Carpet Cleaning can help to improve the air quality of your home in office in Houston, TX. We offer quality air vent cleaning services to make sure that your HVAC system work efficiently, while minimizing your energy costs.


Carpet Water Extraction

We offer 24 hour emergency carpet water extraction services in Houston, TX. In case your carpet is drenched due to a flood or water pipe burst, you can count on us for timely repair services. We will completely dry out your carpet and repair the signs of damage.


Pressure Washing

BMF Carpet Cleaning offers pressure washing services for roofs, flooring and tiled surfaces. Our technicians are adept in removing dirt and grime as well as improve the curb appeal of your home or office in Houston.


Upholstery Cleaning

Keep your upholstered furniture well-maintained with our complete cleaning services in Houston, TX. We have experience in cleaning a wide array of upholstery fabrics such as leather, faux leather, sued, cotton etc.


Carpet Stretching

Our technicians can stretch and repair your carpet to reinstate the aesthetic appeal of your Houston based property. Get in touch with our carpet cleaning experts to fix the ripples, wrinkles, loose areas, lumps and bulges in your carpet.


Contact BMF Carpet Cleaning at (713) 972-5501 for more information about the services offered in Houston, TX.