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Rug Cleaning In Houston, TX

Whether you need a complete cleaning for your antique rug or simply want to remove a stain from your area rug, BMF Carpet Cleaning is just a call away. We provide comprehensive rug cleaning services for residential and commercial properties across Houston, TX. Our gentle yet powerful techniques will safely clean your heavily soiled rugs without causing any damage to its fibers. We have the proper tools to reach the deepest of rug layers to remove the hidden dirt, dust and bacteria that regular vacuuming cannot reach.


Thorough Cleaning For All Types of Rugs

With decades of hands-on expertise, the technicians at BMF Carpet Cleaning can handle different types of rugs including Persian rugs, wool rugs, hand knitted rugs and many more. As all rugs are different, we follow a detailed approach towards each of our rug cleaning projects in Houston. We will thoroughly inspect your rug to ensure that the correct cleaning method is administered.

Next, our rug cleaning team will identify the problem areas that need to be treated, including bleeding dyes, worn out areas, stains etc. Depending upon the type of fibers, we will use powerful air mover and dehumidifier to restore the shine of your precious rug. Our Houston based cleaning professionals are adept in adjusting the pressures and temperatures in order to keep discoloration, fading and other issues at bay.


We Are The Rug Cleaning Specialists In Houston, TX

When you hire our rug cleaning professionals in Houston, you can expect excellence in services. Besides cleaning, we will ensure complete drying of your rug to maintain the strength of the fibers and prevent color migration. At BMF Carpet Cleaning, we have experienced rug cleaners to ensure that you receive precise services through every stage of the cleaning process.

Call us at (713) 972-5501 to know more about our rug cleaning services in Houston.