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Carpet Water Extraction - Houston, TX

 We, at BMF Carpet Cleaning, can help to protect your carpets from any sort of water damage. Whether it is due to a broken pipe or basement flooding in your Houston based property, our technicians will inspect the problem and use industry-approved methods to fix the same. We have years of experience in handling such situations and preventing your precious carpets from further damage. Our technicians come equipped with the latest tools and equipment such as high speed blowers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines, anti-bacterial agents etc. to deliver best-in-class carpet cleaning services in Houston.


24X7 Emergency Services Across Houston

 At BMF Carpet Cleaning, we understand that restoring water damage is an emergency situation, which is the main reason that we offer 24X7 services to our clients in Houston. If your carpet has been exposed to water, either due to a flood or water pipe leak, you can trust our cleaning professionals for complete repair. We use large truck mounted tools to remove as much water as quickly as possible and dry out the carpet, without leaving any wet patches. Our technicians will also treat color bleeding and fading of the carpet that may have been caused due to water damage.


Besides water extraction, our technicians also focus on making your Houston based home safe to live in. As a wet carpet can be a potential breeding area for mold and mildew, we make sure that all such areas are sprayed with anti-microbial agents to kill all microorganisms and prevent further growth. All our water extraction services are followed by a carpet cleaning process, which includes deodorization and disinfection to give you a hygienic home.


To know more about our carpet water extraction services in Houstoncall us at (713) 972-5501