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Carpet Repair And Stretching – Houston, TX

If you are dealing with wrinkles in your carpets or worried about one that is coming out of its padding, contact our carpet stretching experts in Houston for the perfect solution. At BMF Carpet Cleaning, we have professionally trained technicians to repair a wide range of carpet problems arising out of tears, loose ends, split seams, improper installation or incorrect pairing of carpet and molding. Our carpet stretching services can help to restore the pristine look of the carpet flooring at your home or office in Houston. In addition, repairing these ripples and wrinkles will also prevent potential tripping accidents.


Our Carpet Stretching And Repair Process

When you call BMF Carpet Cleaning to hire our carpet stretching services in Houston, we make sure that you receive more than satisfactory results. Our technicians will arrive at your place on the scheduled time and perform the job with utmost dedication. We will carefully remove the backing to detach the carpet as well as its molding. Following this, we will replace the tack strips and repair the carpet using a power stretcher. Once the carpet has restored to its perfection, we will remove the excess carpeting before putting it back in place. When we are done with the job, we will also put back all your furniture in place, making your home absolutely neat and tidy.


Your One Stop Solution For Carpet Stretching And Repair In Houston

Our technicians are skilled to handle all of your minor and major carpet repair needs, right from minor wrinkles or patches to large permanently stained area, holes or padding replacement. We will handle your carpets with utmost care and make sure that they are fitted flawlessly.


Call us at (713) 972-5501 to know more about our services in Houston.

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