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Carpet Steam Cleaning - Houston, TX

When you need a thorough, in-depth cleaning for your carpets, you can count on BMF Carpet Cleaning. We have years of experience in steam cleaning carpets for both residential and commercial clients in Houston, TX. Our technicians are well versed with an array of cleaning methods and will make your carpets look new.


Why Is Steam Cleaning Good For Your Carpet?

 Steam cleaning is an effective method to remove stains, odors, dust mites, pet dander and general signs of abrasion from carpets. The process involves injecting boiling hot water under deep pressure into the carpet layers and then vacuuming it out, along with the dirt. Also known as hot water extraction, the carpet cleaning technique used by our Houston based technicians, is effective in penetrating to the deepest layers of carpet fibers to remove contamination. The excess heat also kills bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, leaving your kids and pets with a healthy place to play. We will maintain a consistent water temperature and pressure to give you the best carpet steam cleaning results.


Contact Us For Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning In Houston

At BMF Carpet Cleaning, Our expertise in providing best-in-class carpet steam cleaning services is backed by our wide base of satisfied clientele in Houston. We always use advanced equipment and proven techniques to deliver quality carpet cleaning solutions. Our technicians will analyze the type of carpet you have, its pile density, fibers and pile height to use the most suitable cleaning method. We bestow utmost dedication to each carpet cleaning project we take up in Houston in order to live up to the expectations of our clients.

For a free estimate of our carpet steam cleaning services in Houston, contact BMF Carpet Cleaning at (713) 972-5501.