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Carpet Cleaning Image



Carpet Cleaning In Houston, TX


BMF Carpet Cleaning offers reliable and efficient carpet cleaning services in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas. With our experienced cleaning team by your side, you do not have to worry about the stubborn stains and hidden dirt in your carpet. We use advanced truck mounted equipment to restore the pristine look of your carpets.


Houston's Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company

Whether you have carpet flooring at your home or office in Houston, it can accumulate dirt, dust mites, pet hair, bacteria and millions of other allergens. Although these are not visible to the naked eye, these micro-organisms can severely pollute your breathing space. Our carpet cleaning services are dedicated to give you a healthy environment to live as well as enhance the durability of your carpet.


Our services are backed by an extensive experience in the Houston carpet cleaning industry and knowledge of working with different types of carpets. Our proven cleaning techniques will ensure that there aren’t any residues left behind on your carpet. Using high speed blowers and advanced equipment, we have been able to significantly reduce drying time following the carpet cleaning job.


Our Carpet Cleaning Process

When you hire our Houston based carpet cleaning technicians, we first identify the problem areas in your carpets, such as stains, foul odor or mold growth, to begin the cleaning process accordingly. We will pay special attention to high foot traffic areas to remove dirt from the carpet’s deepest fibers. Our unique cleaning process guarantees that there are no chemical deposits left over your carpet. Finally, our technicians will vacuum the carpet and ensure that it is completely dry before putting back in place.


Each of the carpet cleaning jobs we take up in Houston follows the following steps for an in-depth cleaning:

Inspection: To begin with, our cleaning experts will conduct a thorough inspection to identify the problem areas in your carpet. We will assess any signs of abrasions, pet odors, dirt, dust, mold growth or damage due to high foot traffic. We will also analyze the type of the carpet, its pile density, strength to determine an effective cleaning method.

Preparation For Carpet Cleaning: After arriving at your home, our technicians will move the furniture to clear up the area to be cleaned. We will also install wall protectors to prevent any damage to your Houston property.

Vacuuming: Next, we will use a high speed vacuum to remove all the loose dirt or pet hair in the carpet. We are proficient in adjusting pressure and temperature according to the pile density as well as fibers of your carpet.  

Pre-Treat: Before beginning with deep cleaning, we will identify the areas of heavy soiling or stains on the carpet. These spots are then treated with a mild solution for more effective cleaning results.

Hot Water Extraction And Rinse: Once the solution has penetrated into the layers of the carpet, we will use the steam cleaning method. This procedure removes the dirt from the deepest carpet fibers while simultaneously treating mold and bacterial growth. Following this, we will use high powered machines to rinse your carpets without leaving any residues behind.


Call us at (713) 972-5501 for a free estimate of our carpet cleaning services in Houston.