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Q : What type cleaning process do you use?

A : BMF Carpet Cleaning uses the steam cleaning process with the use of truck mounted equipment.

Q : What areas of Houston do you provide carpet cleaning services?
A :
All of our carpet cleaning services are available across the greater Houston area. Just give us a call to find out if we service your location.

Q : How hot is the water that you use?
A :
Our machines have a continuous setting of 225-240 degrees to ensure that the carpet or fabric is properly cleaned, and the heat also aids in the drying process.

Q : How long does it it take to clean my 4 rooms?
A :
Depending of how soiled the carpet may be; it could take anywhere between 1 hour to 1.5 hours

Q : How does air vent cleaning help my allergies?
A :
Air vent cleaning removes allergens, articulates and contaminants. Also if cleaned properly and thoroughly it picks dust mites, cat hair, fungus and bacteria.

Q : Is it true that having my air vents cleaned can save me money on my electric bill?
A :
Yes. Doing a complete job in the air vents as well cleaning and sanitizing the cooling coils will help the A/C unit run more efficiently; thus lowering your utility bill.

Q : How often should I clean my air vents?
It is recommended to clean the air vents about every 3-4 years

Q : Do you clean rugs?
A :
Yes, we do clean all types of rugs. We make it easy and convenient for our customers; 1. we can pick them from you and return them as soon as they are ready, 2. you can drop them off to our office, or 3. we can clean them on site (depending on fabric).

Q : How often should I clean my carpets:
A :
For sanitary reasons you should clean your carpets about every 10-12 months; depending on traffic, small kids or pets in the house.