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Carpet Stretching Services - Houston, TX


 BMF Carpet Cleaning provides comprehensive carpet stretching services for residential and commercial customers in Houston, TX. Incorrect installation of carpets can cause it to develop wrinkles after some time. It can also be caused due to shifting of furniture, heavy traffic, wrong pairing of carpet and molding etc. All these things can damage the carpet’s support and cause it to deteriorate. Thus, the wrinkles must be immediately fixed to avoid further problems. Our carpet stretching services can help you maintain the look and appearance of your Houston property.


Our carpet stretching process is as follows:

  • Remove the backing and detach the carpet along with the molding
  • Replace the tack strips
  • Power stretch the carpet until desired results are obtained
  • Remove excess carpeting
  • Re-insert the carpet and replace molding

Once your carpet has been properly stretched, our technicians will properly steam clean it to remove any creases that may have been caused during the process.


For details about our carpet stretching services in Houston, call us at (713) 972 – 5501.