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How To Care For Your Area Rugs

By SuperUser Account on 3/20/2017

Rugs make your home look beautiful and also safeguard your floor from everyday wear and tear. Just like any other home décor item, your rugs also require special attention and care. To enhance their longevity as well as appearance, it becomes important to keep them clean and safe from things that can cause damage. Mentioned below are some tips to take care of your rugs -

  • Vacuuming – Your rugs acquire dirt and grime because of excessive usage therefore, it is imperative to regularly vacuum them. Vacuuming also helps to restore the shine and quality of the fibers. For efficient cleaning, you must slowly vacuum the rugs in both the directions so that even the tiniest dust particles are extracted. In order to remove pet hair, you may use a brush after vacuuming the carpet.
  • Rotation – In order to maintain the appearance of your rugs, it is suggested that you rotate them at least one a year. If your rug is exposed to sunlight even for a short time, it will lead to fading away of the rug. Regular rotation will not only prevent excessive fading but will also distribute the traffic.
  • Vary The Pathways – When furniture is placed over the rug, a common pathway is created, which becomes the area of maximum traffic. Changing the position of furniture helps to alter the walkways and prevents overuse of a particular area of the rug. This even distribution of the traffic protects a particular area of rug from being damaged.
  • Padding – Putting a rug without an underlying padding may hamper its quality. The damaged floor may affect the fibers. Placing padding underneath the rugs also reduces moisture damage to the flooring and acts like an insulating material. You may use a thin or thick padding depending upon your choice. Various materials like cotton, jute, rubber etc. can be opted from.
  • Professional Help – If your rug has acquired stains that would not go even after vacuuming, hiring professional carpet cleaning company can be the perfect solution. Professionals use environment friendly cleaning agents and modern equipment to eliminate dirt from the rugs.  Thorough cleaning is also important to remove all the odors and allergens that may affect your health.

If you are looking for professional rug cleaning services, contact BMF Carpet Cleaning. We provide efficient cleaning services to property owners in Houston, TX. For more information, you can call us at (713) 972 – 5501.

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