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Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Offices

By SuperUser Account on 6/24/2016

A stylish and beautiful carpet can add to the ambience of any office. However, the carpet is prone to getting dirty due to the excessive foot traffic on a daily basis. Numerous clients and employees visit the office everyday thereby contributing to the entrapment of dust and other in the carpet. You need to get in touch with a carpet cleaning company for utilizing the best methods to clean your office carpet.

Some of the best carpet cleaning methods for offices have been listed below:

  • Hot water extraction or steam cleaning: This is a highly effective method of cleaning the carpet. In this, high pressure is applied to spray hot water mixed with a cleaning solution on the carpet. This helps in loosening the dirt particles and germs present in the deep fibers. Afterwards, a vacuum cleaner is used to extract the remaining dirt. Apart from cleaning the dust, steam cleaning also helps in destroying the bacteria and dust mites that might be present in the carpet. The carpet becomes free from any kind of allergens which is beneficial for the employees in the office.
  • Foam method: In this carpet cleaning process, a rotating brush is used to lather the shampoo over the surface of the carpet. The brush creates foam on the carpet which is left to dry for about an hour or so. Later on, the dirt is extracted using a high powered vacuum cleaner. Steam cleaning is required to finish the process and eliminate all the dust particles as well as allergens.
  • Dry cleaning or powder cleaning: This method of cleaning the office carpet does not involve the use of water or any other liquid. During this process, dry powder is spread on the carpet with the help of rotating machines and is left to be soaked for at least 15 minutes. The dry powder is made of solvent, detergent and water. A vacuum cleaner is used afterwards to remove all the accumulated dust particles.

Contact a professional carpet cleaning company as they have the right equipment and knowledge about the specific cleaning method required for a particular type of carpet. Depending on the present condition and fabric of the carpet, the professionals determine the most apt cleaning method for it.
If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning services in Houston, TX, feel free to contact BMF Carpet Cleaning at (713) 972 – 5501.

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