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Tips To Clean Oriental Rugs And Carpets

By SuperUser Account on 3/19/2015

Oriental rugs add style and elegance to the décor of any room. They can be placed in the living room or the bedroom and look extremely attractive, yet sophisticated at the same time. However, oriental rugs are quite expensive and must be maintained properly. Regular wear and tear, food or water spills can cause it to lose its shine and durability. Given here is a stepwise approach to efficiently clean your oriental rugs and carpets.


Step 1: Clean the rug from both sides

Before getting onto the deeper layers of the oriental carpet, it is essential to make sure that it is free from grime and other air borne microorganisms. Vacuum it thoroughly to extract out all the dirt from the upper surface and under the rug.


Step 2: Shampoo the rug

The cleaning process of an oriental rug is not complete without its thorough shampooing.  It helps to remove any spots or stubborn stains from the rug. First, keep the carpet under running water. After that, apply a specialized rug shampoo or simply a mild liquid cleanser. Make sure you do not use ammonia or other harsh shampoos as they may spoil the fabric and color of the rug. To avoid this, try applying the soap on a small portion of the rug and check if the color fades. Wipe the carpet using a soft and non-shedding brush. Also, while brushing, do not apply much force and follow a straight line motion in the direction of the rug fibers.


Step 3: Rinse the corners of the rug

The corners of the rug also require to be cleaned properly. For this area, you can conveniently use your ordinary laundry brush with a mild cleaning solution. Try to brush in the opposite direction of the carpet fibers for a better cleaning.


Step 4: Wash thoroughly

Once you have shampooed and brushed the rug, pit it under running water for a few minutes. While doing this, you can softly wipe the rug with a long bristled brush to remove the residual shampoo or cleanser.  


Step 5: Dry completely

This is the most important step in Oriental rug cleaning process. Excess of moisture can damage the appearance and color of your carpet. Allow the rug to completely dry up from both the sides. However, make sure that you do not keep it in direct sunlight.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will ensure that your oriental rug will be thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage to its fibers.

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