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Carpet Stretching: Smooth Out The Wrinkles

By SuperUser Account on 1/19/2015

Carpet Stretching is an important procedure carried out by professional carpet cleaners. It involves pulling a carpet from one corner, re-stretching it, cutting the carpet to its proper length and tucking it to place. Though you can do it on your own; however, it is recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaning or repairing company that has the tools and skills to do the task properly.

There are a number of benefits of carpet stretching, such as:

  • Stretching ensures that the carpet is tight, even and secure when installed.
  • The process helps you make sure that your carpet will stay smooth and in place.
  • By re-stretching your carpets, you can prolong its life and eliminate the need to replace it.

Why Is Carpet Stretching Important?

Carpet stretching is generally performed at two stages – during initial installation or during a repair at a later time. The former one ensures that the carpet is places evenly and securely across the entire surface. A well installed carpet will always stay smooth and flat along the floor surface. Here are a few factors that can cause the carpets to form wrinkles:

  • Improper Installation: In most cases, carpet stretching is required because it has not been properly set up in the first place. Not using a proper stretch properly can also increases the chances that the carpet will develop wrinkles. A carpet installed during a cold weather can also cause problems. This is the reason why most professionals acclimatize the temperature of the house before installing the carpet.
  • Excessive Wear And Tear: Sometimes even a properly installed carpet requires re-stretching due to the excessive traffic it has to stand. It has to suffer wear and tear due to walking, tricycles and wheelchairs going above it. 
  • Moving Heavy Furniture: Carpet is made of a number of fabric layers that can be damaged due to moving or sliding heavy furniture over it. It pulls out the carpet from its staples, padding and strips, thus, causing it to ripple. 
  • Wrong Carpet Size: Another cause of ripples in the carpet is installing the wrong size of carpet according to the room. It will continually to move from its place causing it to draw out from the strips and tackstres. 
We, at BMF Carpet Cleaning provides efficient stretching services for the residential and commercial carpets in Houston, TX. For more information, call at (713) 972 – 5501 or visit their office at 3880 Greenhouse Rd., Suite 1, Houston, Texas 77084.