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Springtime Carpet Cleaning Tips

By SuperUser Account on 3/28/2016

 Spring brings in the sunlight and air as windows open up and allows the winter dampness to wear away. To keep the home looking inviting, one must clean the carpets and rugs well. This extends the strength of carpets as well as makes them look like new.

Listed below are some tips to ensure clean looking carpets:

  • Vacuum cleaner: Vacuum the carpets at least once a week so the dust and sand does not settle deep into the carpet pores. With time, dust can turn your carpet black and regular vacuuming will allow you to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold in it.
  • Get rid of stains: The vinegar-water solution is best to remove tough stains from the carpets. Carpet cleaning agents available in the market can also be used for the purpose. However, one must read the user manual carefully before using the cleaning products. The usage may depend on factors like material of your carpet and cause of the stain.
  • Everyday maintenance: Adopting lifestyle changes like keeping outdoor footwear away from carpets goes a long in way in ensuring their durability. Cleaning immediately after a stain and deep cleaning at least twice a year also helps in keeping the carpet looking clean.
  • Show them some sunshine: If the carpet is light and can be carried outside, hang it on a rail or lay it on the floor so it gets some sunlight. This will help in removing odors from the surface. If the heat is too strong, do not expose the carpets for too long as the colors might fade.
  • Add some fragrance: To leave the carpet smelling fresh, one may mix a few drops of any essential oil with baking soda and spray gently just before the last round of vacuum cleaning. This mixture will leave a smooth odor on the surface and make your entire room come alive.
  • Call professionals: There are professional services available that dry clean or steam clean carpets. They use environment friendly solutions to keep carpets clean and hygienic. Compare rates of different vendors before you pick one.

If regular cleaning methods are adopted, carpets do not get very dirty and can be cleaned easily. For complete carpet cleaning services in Houston, TX, consider BMF Carpet Cleaning. We use environment-friendly techniques to remove stains and restore the shine of your carpet. For details, feel free to call us at (713) 972 – 5501.

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