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Wool Carpet Cleaning In Houston, TX

By SuperUser Account on 1/25/2016

Wool is a natural fiber; hence carpets made of wool are better insulators, strong and sturdy. They look classy and are available in many colors or designs. Maintenance of a wool carpet is easy as it is dirt resistant however if ignored for a long time, some stains can become permanent, making the carpet look old and worn out.

Following are some tips to cleaning wool carpet:

  • Remove stains timely: As soon as the carpet is stained, remove it with a solution of water and white vinegar immediately. One can also use the stain remover for better results.
  • Dust the dry dirt off: Before you clean the carpet with a liquid, make sure you shake off the dry dirt to   avoid it from seeping into the fiber when the cleaning solution is applied.
  • Vacuum regularly: Being dirt and stain resistant, wool carpets can be used for a long period of time if vacuumed regularly. You can choose between the beater bar or brush head depending on your carpet’s design.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals: When picking up a carpet stain remover, check that it does not have bleach or brightener. Wool is a sensitive material and thus harsh chemicals can hamper the carpet’s durability.
  • Do not use hot water: Just like your woolen clothes, carpets will react poorly to extremely hot water. They may shrink and pull away from the sides. Make sure you use cold water to clean the carpets.
  • Use the correct cleaning tools: The brush that you use to clean the carpet should have soft bristles and suited to your carpet type. Scrubbing harshly may damage the carpet. 
  • Move around carpets: Carpets used on stairways and hallways are likely to get dirty faster due to more use traffic. Ensure that you frequently move around these carpets to eliminate any dents or furniture marks. 
  • Dry well before using the carpet: Make sure the cleaned carpet has been completely dried in sunlight. If you use a wet carpet, the dirt may stick to the wool and settle to the bottom, making it dirty faster.
  • Take professional help: Once in a year, it is best to hire experts for an all-round cleaning. They have state of the art tools to clean and dry the carpets and make them look new again.

Woolen carpets add great look to any room. Make sure they are kept away from areas where they can accumulate dust quickly.

We, at BMF Carpet Cleaning, provide complete carpet cleaning solutions in Houston, TX. For more information, feel free to call at (713) 972 – 5501.

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