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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

By SuperUser Account on 6/17/2015
In order to maintain and increase the longevity of a carpet it is essential to clean it regularly. Carpets accumulate dust, stains and pet dander while being a breeding ground for various infections. Thus, you must vacuum them periodically and hire a professional carpet cleaning company for deep cleaning frequently. As carpets are expensive, it is essential to ensure that the cleaning company you hire is professional, reliable, uses quality products and offers good service.


Here are some questions that you must clarify before hiring a carpet cleaning company: 

How long has the company been in business?

To make sure that the company is experienced you must search for a business that has been operating for long and has a list of satisfied customers. You can inquire about the year of inauguration and ask to be offered a list of client testimonials for a background check.


Does the company offer guarantee?

It is important to confirm whether you will be offered the standard guarantee and if that would be written. You can also inquirecarpet about free follow up cleaning services.


Will you be offered free estimates?

Often a carpet cleaning company offers free estimate or quotes on the job, as it gives the client an idea about the expenditure involved. In order to avoid unforeseen costs in the future you must ask for written estimates.


Which services are included in the quote?

It is crucial to ask the services that are included in the quote. You can ask if initial vacuuming is part of the services or if it will be charged extra. You may have pre-spraying, pre-treating and basic stain spotting in the package. However, you may need to pay extra for certain services such as wax removal, odor removal and stain removal.


Do employees or sub contractors carry out the cleaning task?

You can ask the company details about the staff for security and safety purposes. You must be aware if the sub contractors are screened and the company runs a background check.


Does the company use certified products and carpet cleaners?

To ensure that you get the best quality services, make sure that the company uses quality products. Ask the company representative details about the products and the equipment that they use.


Are the employees insured?

You must ask the company if their employees are covered by general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If you hire technicians who are not insured than you could be held responsible for any injuries that happen to the workers while doing work.


The above-mentioned queries are important to be clarified before signing any deal or contract.